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June 2020

Moving The Distance

By Kylie Kirkpatrick

In the month of May, we were able to do multiple moves to Boise, Twin Falls, and even Moscow, Idaho! When asked to do these moves, we are thrilled. Even though it isn’t what we’re used to, a change of scenery is always nice! It’s such a good feeling to know that we are getting booked all over Idaho!

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Idaho’s Increase In Foster Care Adoptions

Foster Care Adoptions Increasing

By Kylie Kirkpatrick

Boise (Kivi) – Across the country, there are over 400,000 children in foster care. According to Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare, there are only 1,600 children in the system as of May 2020. That number is low compared to other states in the Pacific Northwest like Washington (11,399 as of 2018), and Oregon (7,577 as of 2018).

Despite Idaho’s low number of children in the system but a slight increase in adoptions since the outbreak Covid-19, at Idaho News 6, we decided to look deeper into the impact Covid-19 has had on the states foster care system.

When the virus first hit the gem state Julie Sevcik, the State’s foster care program specialist tells us that face-to-face visits between children and their parents were prohibited. Molly Gratton, a licensed clinical social worker and owner of “Molly and Me Counselling and Training Center” says the sudden change “could lead to a lot of symptoms of trauma”.

Sevcik says per governor’s four-stage reopening plan, last week, children were able to meet their parents face-to-face as long as they wear face masks and practice good hygiene.

With many foster children coping with the constant change of this pandemic, Gratton, who is a licensed foster parent in the State of Idaho and works with children who are or have been in the system, says she sees increased anxieties in kids. She believes it may have something to do with “LOSING” opportunities and privileges to the pandemic, adding, “Historically, what foster children struggle with is LOSS”.

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Your Moving Advice

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Tips From Those Who Did It The Most: Military Wives

Ziplock bags of all sizes are your friend! You can containerize everything from small toys to clothes. The week before we move, we put everything we can in ziplock bags… Legos, pens, utensils, clothes, tools, stuff from the junk drawer…EVERYTHING! This often acts as the final purge as well. And this exercise makes unpacking so much easier!!! – Alyson in NC, Moved 10 times 

Pack your sheets and blankets in your suitcases that get packed in the moving truck. They’ll be easy to spot when they’re unloading the truck, and you’ll be able to make the beds for your first night in your new home! Got this idea from a fellow military spouse – Katie in WA, Moved 5 times 

Talk to the movers about what you want because they have no idea what your preference is and the person yesterday probably wanted it a different way. I actually shut the door and put tape across that says “DON’T PACK” for the rooms I want left alone. I have a little conference with my movers at the beginning of the day and take them on a tour and explain what stuff is going and what is not going. – Brook in CA, Moved 9 times 


a photo of the new sales and marketing assistant for BustNMoves Moving Company

Meet Ernesto

Meet Ernesto, the youngest crew member working for BustNMoves, but the eldest in his family. Ernesto has been working for BustNMoves for 7 months all while managing going to school at ISU. Ernesto’s roots are in Pocatello and he enjoys it there.

As much as he loves his hometown, he enjoys getting out and traveling. He loves to be outdoors as much as he can and if you need landscaping done… he’s your go to man! 

While Ernesto isn’t busy working, going to school, or being outdoors, you’ll find him lifting weights and pushing himself to the limit. We are so glad to have him as a crew member on our team. Thanks Ernesto!

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